Chilled Out Tony Soprano Steez at Liquor Store

Look how comfortable all this gear looks at Liquor Store.¬†With all this Filson, Champion and Patagonia stuff, you’ll definitely feel like you’re the comfiest, laid back motherfucker on the planet.

Reverse weave Champion sweats and hoodies – now de rigueur for internet casuals and hypebeasts alike – and ever on point Patagonia logo tees, are my stand out items in this latest batch of Spring Summer stock. The hoody will be perfect for al-fresco drinking once the sun goes down and the sweatpants ideal for a lounging in once you’re too rough to function.

Lastly, if my head was the right shape for a baseball cap, I’d definitely wear one of these Filson ones.

Now you too can look like Tony Soprano on his way home from a workout on his boat.

Check the lot out here.

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