Mamnick Edale Smock


I once supervised a Duke of Edinburgh expedition in Derbyshire’s Peak District. This mainly involved walking up Mam Tor hill, waiting for hours at checkpoints and sloping off for a pint once those on the expedition had been reminded how to orientate their maps. Great times. I can’t remember if we went anywhere near Edale but this most Northern sounding parish ever has lent its name to this new smock from Mamnick.

It came out last week so is still fresh, which is great considering the classic ’50s walking smother it’s based on. It’s also got a 1960s dead-stock French ticking liner – tres bon! – and hand-cut Italian leather bits – asso! – all finished off in God’s own country, Yorkshire – grand! The best bit though is that cranberry checked pattern in a cashmere-wool blend. If I had a mate called Dale I’d say, in my best Yarkshire accent,

“Eeee, Dale, yer luckin smooooth, mam-nick tha jacket!”

Mamnick_Down-53_1024x1024 Mamnick_Down-56_1024x1024 Mamnick_Down-61_1024x1024



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