Mamnick Knives


Knives are “very sharp”, to quote my two years old Godson.

These little belters from Mamnick are very sharp indeed, which is really important when it comes to knives. Tom, Mamnick boss, designed and ordered these knives and asked for them to be extra sharp. When they landed at Mamnick HQ he promptly cut the end of his finger off. True story. But that’s because they’re made by the experts that make all of Mamnick’s steel products in Sheffield, where they have been making things out of steel for over 2,000 years, and not just because he is a clumsy Yorkshireman.

There’s two to choose from; one for everyday use and one that is sort of like a more rugged looking Swiss Army Knife. I can only assume that, in this day and age, the only people who need a knife for everyday use are surgeons, suitmakers and roadmans.

Whichever you are, play safely or just use the very handy bottle opener.

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KnifeBracelet_LR-50_1024x1024 KnifeBracelet_LR-51_1024x1024


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