Mamnick Monyash Overshirt

Tell you what I’ve no time for: ‘Brunch’.

Not literally – a lad’s got to eat – but as in I’m not arsed about ‘that’ word.

To me if it’s after half 9, but before 11 it’s a late breakfast (you lazy student tyke); after that, before 12, then an early dinner (yep, dinner; we’re Northern biased here at Proper).

Another one of these pounced up ‘Brunch’-like words I’ve never got on with is ‘Shacket’. *Visibly shudders as he writes it*

To me it’s an unnecessary term.  That item of clothing you’re buttoning up on your top half is either a shirt: thick, thin, long sleeved, short sleeved, whatever; or it’s a sodding jacket.

Now, Overshirts, they’re a different matter and they’re something I have all the time in the world for.


Clue’s in the name: a piece of shirting that’s made to be worn over a thinner piece (shirt or tee) and then either left jacket-less or if it’s a bit nippy, jacket on.  #Menswear’s all about the layering innit?

There’s a lot of overshirts about, and they’re an ace staple in the wardrobe; but we wouldn’t just write about any old one on here, it had to be something a little bit special.  Well, Mighty Mamnick have delivered.

The fact they’ve produced 2 overshirts (there are another 2 in the range to be released at a later date) in 2 different fabrics, that are Made In England, and come in under a ton, is enough once more to let us forgive the brand for coming from the Dark Side of T’Pennines.

The first is in knitted denim and the second, a red cotton.  Both shirts are 100% cotton, have 2 hand warmer pockets and carry brushed stainless steel buttons proudly made in ‘that there Sheffield’.


Always with one eye on details, Mamnick have chosen fabrics that will age and fade beautifully with wear; like a good pair of selvedge jeans or heavy-cotton coat.

The red cotton in particular will transform over time as the yellow lining has been designed to fade through, producing an interesting ‘work fade’ as the years pass.



As with all releases by Mamnick, the shirts are named after that part of the world so close to their hearts.  Monyash is “a small village in the limestone southern upland of the Peak District. Known for it beautiful scenery and peaceful environment with a vibrant past known more for its trading routes and local lead mining industry” – see, just like your old man told you; “Everyday’s a School Day”.


Very limited in numbers; the Monyash Overshirt is available from Friday 1st February, from the Mamnick Webstore.



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