Mamnick Sheen Work Jacket

Mamnick has been a lot of folk’s favourite label for the past few years; I know it has definitely been up there for me. Straight Outta Yorkshire, they offer great UK-made wears and other useful little things, such as chip shop forks that go on your keyring and are made out of Sheffield steel. That’s the kind of juxtaposing type of output that sums up the general attitude here at Proper; killer clothes and always ready for a chippy.

The Sheen Work Jacket comes in either a classic French style navy or graphite black; I’ve called the Blue one for myself so, you know, you can slug it out over the black. The hidden placket detail and extra durable looking elbow construction make this a standout jacket in a bordering-on-saturated market for French workwear jackets at the moment. The navy comes in a lightweight linen mix and the graphite in a heavier wool, but both are perfect for layering and that.

I’ve also been reliably informed that when you wear it, you won’t have to do so in a greenhouse that was the scene of Borstal-based bum rapes.

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