Mamnick x Banton Frameworks Sunglasses


These are nice gigs (as we say in Stockport) aren’t they? Featuring five barrel stainless steel hinges, titanium nose pads, curved temples made from Italian amber acetate with a solid brass core and limited to only fifty pairs these beautiful bins have made by Banton Frameworks in conjunction with Mamnick. They also come in a well smart black calf leather case which has the hem tags of each brand cleverly attached to it too. Marvellous stuff and I’m pretty sure that wearing a pair of these is guaranteed to make you look at least 74% more artistic/interesting than you actually are, unless of course you’re David Hockney but you’re not are you? Sorry I have a hangover, in fact I need some sunglasses to go to the chippy in actually…

Buy yours here.





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