Neil Summers | @NeilProperMag |
A former Royal Marine, Neil won awards for his wallpapering and painting skills. In fact, he was decorated.

Mark Smith | @markpropermag |
Mark is currently touring the country, defacing TO LET signs by adding a letter I between the words.


Tayler Willson | @tylrwllsn

Tayler is from the most Northern place on the South Coast: Portsmouth. Not geographically but in attitude. Also both his first and second name appear to actually, deliberately be misspelled.

Scott Rapson | @ScottProperMag |
One half of Scottish rap duo Cut and Sew, whose new EP ‘Nimble with a Thimble’ is out later this month on Sony.

Paul Mortimer | @dpmortimer
Morty is East Lancashire’s foremost Barry Scott impersonator.

Christian Hilton | @HiltonShoegazer
CH loves all things dairy despite an horrific allergy to anything that comes out of a cow. His memoir ‘An homage to fromage’ is out later this year.

Michael Richardson | @realsuedeshoes
Michael first coined the term Madchester, back in 1988, though his original comment was misheard. He was actually commenting on the growth of his ‘Mad Chest Hair’. The rest is history.

Adam Gill | @adamgstudio | |
A.G invented the world’s first asthma-friendly underwear and naturally called the company ‘Short Pants’.


Ashley Kennerley | @starbeak | |
When he’s not fixing our internets, Ashley obsessively tries to work out why it’s so cold at the top of Everest despite the fact heat rises.

Ray Chan | @raychan_photo | |
Ray is a cat lady.


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