1 0f 100 ‘Performance 50th’ T-Shirt

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1 0f 100 are a brand who share our obsession with all things cool and counter-cultural which they express by way of making some incredible collaborative t-shirts with everyone from Cosey Fanni Tutti to Pete Fowler and their recent Mo’Wax tee sold out pretty much straight away (stay tuned for confirmation of a new version happening soon). So far they’ve done some fantastic stuff all of which are always limited to 100 pieces, just to make them extra special with lots more exciting collabs in the pipeline. For their tenth tee they’ve joined up with Jay Glennie author of ‘Performance – 50th Anniversary Book’ to make a tee dedicated to the iconic film featuring Mick Jagger and a hundred quotable lines/samples. Made from a 100% organic and climate neutral cotton the tees feature Turner (AK Mick Jagger) alongside the apt quote from the film ‘You’ll look funny when you’re fifty‘.

Buy a Performance 50th’ T-Shirt from 1 0f 100 here.’


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