13 Things to Look Forward to in 2018

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Fuck being miserable. We might all be perpetually skint, we might all be on a slow trek towards eventual death and nothingness, but that’s all the more reason to cheer up isn’t it?

Happiness is a state of mind, but it’s much easier to get a big chuffty on if there’s something interesting or exciting going on. And no, we won’t be talking about the royal wedding.

And although you might have to dig deep, there’s plenty to induce a reluctant smile of anticipation on your grid happening in the next 12 months. So with that in mind, here are 13 things we’re looking forward to in 2018. We were originally aiming for 18 but forgot.

Narcos Season 4
Netflix is basically all you need now. Whether you’re immersing yourself in one of their numerous documentaries about weirdos or watching something cool with subtitles in it, it’s defo the future. Narcos is probably its most impressive piece of televisual output in recent years. The first series (or season if you prefer) was ace and shouldn’t really have continued once the main fella got deaded on a roof, but the second one was arguably better. What’s gonna happen in season four then? More killings, more sniff, several alluring South American broads and no doubt plenty more besides. A shame Pablo’s jumpers couldn’t find a new home but we can’t have everything can we?

The World Cup
Will this year see the rise and inevitable fall of all this ‘Football Lifestyle’ stuff? Aided and abetted by the World Cup, every man and his dog (Pickles, natch) will be on it. There have been dozens of instagram accounts, bedroom brands and blogs springing up in the shadow of Mundial Mag, which is to their eternal credit but it’ll reach fever pitch (lol) in June, or whenever the World Cup is. It’s June isn’t it? The whole of June. You saw the whole of the June. Sorry, where was I? Is? Was? TISWAS!

Football though, marvellous. The World Cup will be really good because invariably it always is. If the kits we’ve seen are anything to go by it’ll be amazing. It’s defo summat to look forward to. The fetishising of football though… where will it end? We’re gonna do loads of amazing mugs this year and wait with baited breath as someone, somewhere goes and copies us. Then we’re gonna get into golf, lol jk.

P.S We were gonna do some Escape to Victory mugs for Christmas then we realised the Nazi’s had the best kits. Same as ever. What?

C.P. Company
While the wanking sock of every teen in western Europe has long since hardened through their love affair with Stone Island, its elder brother C.P. Company has watched on, one eyebrow raised. And now, with its house in order it looks set to weave its way back into the heart/wardrobe of a more refined appreciator.

Sporty Shit
Mate, not being funny but it’s time you hit the gym. Not because you look ill (even though you do a bit), but because there comes a time when actual, real sportswear only looks good on people who sometimes do actual, real sport. This is basically a note to self, tbf. I’ve got one of those amazing Vollebak jackets but despite it being XL, it’s not really made for lads who look like they might be pregnant.

The Swine Magazine Book
One of the numerous inspirations behind what you’re reading here, now is Swine. It really should have beaten Proper to the punch in giving the post-casual crowd somewhere to obsess about toggles and swear in sentences which also include long words, but maybe it was a bit too far ahead of itself? This year the Sock Council people have got Swine to dig through their archive to create a compendium of all the best articles and it’ll be available at some point in 2018.

National Big Coat Day
It’s gonna become a thing in 2018. We’ve called it. 3rd December and every first Monday in December from now on.

Winter Olympics
Watch loads of people do their best to exercise really well in cold weather. Special mention for the Nigerian bobsled team. Seriously.

50 Years Since 1968
Ideal time for people who weren’t there to cash in the various bouts of political unrest and general coolness. We wouldn’t dream of doing that. *Prepares Mai 68 mug*

Big kecks
That should probably be bigger kecks. I’ve got a proper Kardashiarse which means carrot fit jeans have been my whole thing this last few years. But apparently everyone’s gonna start relaxing their trousers a bit and in doing so, raise their sperm count tenfold. The ensuing baby boom will see instagram teeming with baby pics around the arse end of 2018.

An end to style guides written by people who wear brogues
If you take the advice on pocket squares from a man called Jeremy, on your head be it. Wear what you like, when you like, how you like.

Trump to fall over and not get back up
How wonderful would this be?

It’s never not been big, at least in our house. However, the famous corduroy fields of Lancashire are once again fertile ground and it hasn’t gone unnoticed in fashion circles. As a result, expect lots more blogging about Manchester Cloth.

Albam Jackets
Elbowing its way onto the scene via the popular Fisherman’s Cagoule, Albam have been around for a long time now. I could google how many years it actual is, but I can’t be arsed. Just be aware we were amongst the first to write about them because above all else, we know a nice hooded jacket when we see one. Anyway, they’re at it again this year. Look.

I had pizza for tea.

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