14 oz. Berlin, Store Manager Daniel Werner picks his top ten AW11 pieces


Packed to the rafters with truly amazing euro-schmutter Berlin’s 14 oz. has to be one of our favourite shops in the entire world and we have spent some serious time pouring over their ace catalogues, make mental wish lists in our heads.
As we love seeing what floats other peoples boats (especially when they’re from overseas) we’re really chuffed that store manager and all round taste maker Daniel has agreed to do us a top ten of his favourite current in-store pieces. Check out what the shaven headed suave-ster has picked out for us..

Woolrich Arctic Parka

Berlin winters are cold! After I moved to Berlin from Southern Germany, the first winter in the capital quickly showed me that I have to be equipped with a ‘real’ winter jacket in order to face the arctic temperatures. I found this at Woolrich. The Arctic Parka is extremely comfortable, convinces me with its timeless cut and keeps you comfy and warm even if you fall out of one of Berlin’s clubs in the early hours. Exclusively for 14 oz., Woolrich has brought out the Arctic Parky in five new colours. My favourite colour is Bright Yellow: Real eye candy that lightens up grey winter days!


Ludwig Reiter Maroni Brater

Apart from the Woolrich Arctic Parka, this shoemaker’s masterpiece helps me get through the winter. For me, the Maroni Brater is the best boot to plod through the snow or enjoy crystal clear new snow. Completely lined with sheep skin, it keeps your feet warm even in icy temperatures, and you can even slip in barefoot!



  45 r.p.m.

45 r.p.m.label is a highlight in the denim sector. At first sight, you cannot see right away what makes these jeans so special, but as soon as you hold them in your hands for the first time, you can feel that you touch denim “from another world”. The designers work together with Japanese weavers, whose product even proven specialists see only very rarely. The denim presents itself in an unbelievable deep blue derived through the colouring with a special nature indigo. This exceptional material and the fact that there are only non-treated or “dragged through water “ once and that you have to wear in the jeans yourself, makes 45 r.p.m. one of my favourite Denim Brands.


  Filson garment bag

In former days, travelling was something special reserved for only few people. Producing travel luggage was a great craftsmanship, and good luggage was expensive and exclusive. The special feeling of longing for the unknown and the wish for travelling in style have remained unchanged for me. I personally love travelling, so my luggage has to be special as well. To carry a garment bag may be old fashioned, but for me it radiates an incredible amount of style. Of course given the fact that it is a very special model. The Filson garment bag simply has style. The canvas- leather combination fits perfectly and is incredibly beautiful. Apart from that, it offers a lot of space and is the perfect choice for a long weekend.





Dukes belts

I love nice things that have a history. My Dukes belt is definitely one of my favourite accessories. If you touch the leather, you can feel that such fabric cannot be produced artificially. There has already been a former owner, who has worn the leather- and now you can continue the history. An absolutely timeless, beautiful accessory.



Tricker’s boots

I was once told that you should take extra care of your feet. They carry you throughout your whole life and have to be taken care of accordingly and pampered with good shoes. I gladly follow this advice, and therefore the main part of my shoe collection consists of Tricker’s shoes. The carefully selected leather perfectly adopts the foot’s form. While wearing them in, you work your personal cushion into the inner sole. Also these boots look incredibly good due to their individual design, and perfectly fit my style.



Merz b. Schwanen

Some spend their whole life searching for the perfect T Shirt, I already found it. When it comes to basics, Merz b. Schwanen is my absolute favourite label. High quality and perfect workmanship made in Germany distinguish this special label. It just feels heavenly on the skin.





Nigel Cabourn

In my mind, apart from his Sportswear line, Nigel Cabourn produces perfect, modern man’s ready-to-wear. It is hard to find a comparable jacket that features such a sporty fit, is made of robust but also very fine, high quality material and that at the same time is manufactured so carefully. Combined with shirt and trousers or jeans and T-Shirt, you are perfectly dressed for any occasion.





 In my opinion, the British make the most beautiful men’s clothing.  Here, Drakes of England ranks with Nigel Cabourn. Everyone can tie their tie, but to tie a bow is a class of its own. This may, similar to travelling with a suit bag, seem old fashioned, but these particular accessories define my style.


For me, style is not only about clothes, but also about manners you maintain, the way you furnish your home, the food you have in your fridge, the watch you wear and in the end also extends to what gimmicks you use. Midori offers everything surrounding the notebook, especially for people who travel a lot and enjoy writing down their thoughts and sketching: the icing on the cake of the perfect style.


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