Will 2023 Be The Year of the Gazelle (again)?

What do a broken stopwatch and the adidas Gazelle have in common?

They’re both timeless.

As the World Cup hoo-har leads the fickle finger of fashion to find fascination with football and its culture, the Gazelle once again comes into view. And obviously, it’s looking just as fresh as it did when it first appeared – somewhat fittingly – in 1966.

With the fashion blogs you love to hate using buzzwords like Blokecore and Dadcore and various other cores, the Gazelle is a natural go-to-guy, with its suede and gum sole combo, simple three stripes and enduring aesthetic.

Forget trends though, the Gazelle is to sports footwear what the Porsche 911 is to motor vehicles. Tastefully evolved but never away from that core thing that made it look great in the beginning. If you were somehow able to ask the Gazelle what it thought of it being touted as the shoe of 2023, it’d shrug and smile, portraying a self-confidence that can only be owned by a shoe that knows it’s cool, no matter what the trend forecasters are saying. That’s its inherent appeal. It endures being in, out and otherwise because it’s a classic.

You could do a lot worse than kicking off 2023 in a pair.

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