50 Things to Look Forward to in 2017

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Back in work this week. 2016 eh? What a load of old shite.

What are we to do though? Looking back makes no sense, so let’s make 2017 the best year ever shall we? With that in mind, we’ve tried to find some reasons to look forward to the forthcoming 12 months. Here’s what we’ve managed to find.

Osti Archive Exhibition
We’re doing an exhibition with 30-odd jackets and a similar number of other items from the Massimo Osti Archive. Ask your Mum if you’re allowed to come. It’ll be really good. More info here.

Ace stuff from Kenneth
More from 6876 Modern Studies.

Narcos Season 3.

Choose Life
Trainspotting 2.

New dog and bone
iPhone 8 is coming out. Ideal for people who like queuing outside shops for days for a piece of expensive technology which is a little bit better than the one they already own.

We’re doing some jackets. Ones with hoods and zips and all that fuckery-foo. They’ll be nice.

More mugs. We’ll make them as long as they keep selling.

(pic via @stringthing75 on instagram)

Sub please, ref. 
Subscriptions. After being asked around 2,000 times a day since Jesus was a lad, we’re finally getting our act together. You’ll be able to buy four issues at a time and we might not even charge you full price. We might even do subscriptions on mugs. Mugscriptions.

Soccer Knee
Saucony are doing some more colours of those Jazz O.


Medieval fighting and shagging
Game of Thrones Season 7 will appear some time in summer. We’re not sure when. In fact, like your man Johnny Snow, we know fuck all.


Where’s Barb?
Stranger Things will be back for another season.


Klitschko – Joshua is one thing, but Haye – Bellew has us reaching for the red button. Be good to see what Kell Brook does now, too. Khan, probably. Oof, pugilism!

New season of Curb your Enthusiasm? Yep.

Aggro punk
Cabbage are ready to do everyone’s head in with their aggro punk. Will they ‘do a Blossoms’ and make everyone really like them a dead lot? We know one of the lads from the band, he’s a long time reader of the magazine. We’re probably gonna be mates.

Candy floss head
Trump gets his feet under the table. It’s not something to look forward to is it? But the sooner he gets on the with it, the sooner he’ll fuck up, and fuck off.

*Ben Elton face*
Elsewhere in politics, we’ll probably cement our departure from Europe with all that Article 50 stuff. Oh and Germany and France have elections this year. And Iran. Sorry, this was supposed to be a ‘Looking forward to’ list wasn’t it?

Canadian choristers
Arcade Fire are touring, but so far you’ll have to go to the Isle of Wight to see them on these shores. Which isn’t really these shores is it? Bloody Brexit.

More magazines
We’re doing another four issues this year. So that’ll be nice won’t it? Might do another spoof magazine if someone wants us to. We liked the Saucony one, and quite a few other people did too.

<Coffee pun>
Twin Peaks is coming back too.

Acid Casuals
Dupe is back, strictly speaking it was released at the arse end of 2016, but 2017 is its year. Will watch with interest to see if it evolves and if so, where to. Only available in Russia at the moment, which is a good move.


Boost? Roost, more like!
The New Balance MIUK Yard Pack opens the year by taking inspiration from chicken feet. Seriously.


Engineered Garments are doing yet more workweary/military stuff that makes us want to be that bit more wealthy so we can buy all of it.

Also from NYC
Adsum are a new kid on the block. Not in a 1990s boy band way, but more a ‘nice jackets’ way. Check them out.


Micky Flanagan’s new TV show sounds good: “Two years ago I was asked by 7 Wonder and Sky to get back on my bike and make a TV show, I told them to f**k off and bought a dog. But then I got thinking… about serious stuff… the kind of stuff Adam Curtis or Huw Edwards would make a show about – and that’s what this series was meant to be, a series that would make people say ‘Aristotle, Sophocles… Flanagan’. Somewhere along the way however I ended up getting spanked by a dominatrix in Slough and dancing with gay disco terrorists in LA. So I guess this is my way of saying if you want a comprehensive, fair or balanced point of view, if you’re looking for the truth – watch Jeremy Kyle – but if you want to see a middle aged man dressed in short shorts plastering a wall with Eddie The Eagle – you know where to come.

adidas Spezial
The story continues…

Soccer AM
It’s funny now isn’t it? It’s got watchable again. There are good people involved and it shows. Gone is the weak banter, seemingly banished to the fancy dress crowd at the darts in favour of something a bit more grown up.

Another brand that is the dictionary definition of wardrobe staple. They’ll do more good stuff this year, nothing has been more certain.


Nameless Techwear
We’re curious where this will go this year. It’s great stuff.


If you like bicycles and that, you’ll know what Reynolds is all about. They’re set to launch their own cycling lifestyle range this year, and it has some very good people behind it.

Wild Bunch Footwear
Good shoes by good people.

It’s not 2016
2017 already has one thing over 2016. It’s not 2016.

WW2 colourised photos
Facebook need not be all about racist cousins with hard dogs or attention seeking call centre girls who “CBA hun.x”. Sack off the miserable people you’re mates with and get following these peeps.


The Vault
Vintage gear by someone who knows. New year, new premises.

Black Rabbit
Oh great. More new jackets to obsess over.

More outdoor gear for placid casuals.

New brand with unrivalled lineage. All made in England and all really nice.


All Coppers are Bastards
They’re not really. In fact, to celebrate this people with copper tops (aka gingers) are having their own pride festival in Belfast.

We may have mentioned it, but we climbed a mountain with these lads last summer, and it was amazing. They make seriously good outerwear. Like, really good.

Hull is the 2017 city of culture
No seriously, it is!

There’s a new pound coin
Yep. Look out for people selling first editions on eBay and even more people buying them, the daft gets.


Nordic matters festival
We might be relatively alright here in the UK, but the Nordic countries have long been progressive and as a result, they’re always being voted as the best place to live. There’s a thing on to celebrate this.

New footwear.


African food
Apparently, African food will be big this year. I’m not sure, myself. Can you have chips with it? I bet it’ll be ok.

Self lacing shoes aka footwear for lazy bastards
The only people who should be allowed to wear these this year, or any year are old people. People who are physically unable to tie their shoes. If you can bend over and do some loops, you shouldn’t be allowed them. I said so.

Luxury Leisurewear
It’s that time of year when everyone remembers they’ve got a gym membership for about 5 minutes. If you’re struggling for motivation, why not get hold of some of that APC Outdoor Voices gear. You’ll have to wear it, ideally to the gym, innit.

Apparently, slogan t-shirts will be big this year. There should really be a punchline here but I’ve got nothing.

Jens Olsen Horologist Jakket
The near-mythical status of this piece of outerwear has led to better men than me googling into the wee small hours, but there is scant information out there. There is a whisper something will happen this year on it.

More mining of football culture
Various people have done a really good job of twisting old kits into something new. Whether it’s prints, bobble hats or I dunno… mugs… it’ll carry on this year. There are loads of kits yet to do aren’t there?

JFK files opened
Apparently the whole shooting, grassy knoll business is due to be revealed this year. Hands up if you really believe they’ll reveal a massive conspiracy. Anyone? No?

Pink Floyd Exhibition at the V&A
Worth a look, probably.

Have we missed anything?


I had pizza for tea.

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