50 Years of Shirt – C.P. Company

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As C.P. Company celebrate their 50th year it’s important to plug into the present as well as the past. That’s what the title is all about. Having begun their story in the town of Crevalcore, just outside Bologna, the brand founded by Massimo Osti were first known for printed t-shirts. Osti soon began to take inspiration from the vintage items which surrounded him though, and in doing so the idea of a substantial shirt was inevitable.

This season, long after Osti’s impressive shoes have been filled by the likes of Moreno Ferrari, Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey, the brand continues to enjoy respect and popularity. Whether that be from its traditionally staunch support from those usually inside a stadium, or the increasing appreciation from everywhere but that location.

The C.P. Company is at a point where it’s natural to reflect on the impressive achievements on its record, but today takes care of tomorrow and in shirts like this exist the perfect example of a brand that knows itself and continues to keep core creativity at its heart.

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