66° North Dyngja Down Jacket

If you want something to stop you shivering your nuts off, best to look north. And when I say north, I mean as north as you can get. Iceland.

If Mum’s gone to Iceland to get you a new jacket, she’s done well for you. 66° North know the score when it comes to this sort of thing, and that score is 66° North 1-0 Most other brands. No extra time.

A heavyweight player in the outerwear industry, 66° North was founded way back when in 1926 by Hans Kristjánsson, an Icelander who lived in harsh conditions of the Westfjords put together some protective clothing for fishermen. This wasn’t a tale of showing off or making nice things for the sake of it. As someone who went to Iceland earlier this year I can confirm clothing is more important there than anywhere else I’ve been. It’s well cold, and we went in Spring.

Our own version of the frozen north could well be the environs of Ulverston, which is handy because that’s where Working Class Heroes are based. And that’s where you could get this jacket. I always reckon calling a jacket down (even if strictly correct) is unfair. This one makes me feel anything but down.

Anyway, I’ll let you get on.

I had pizza for tea.

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