6876 x Admiral Sporting Goods

Fusing Kenneth Mackenzie’s unique clothing concept with an honest British sportswear institution, the 6876 x Admiral Sporting Goods collaboration is here.

Anyone who has had anything made by 6876 will attest to its clean core aesthetic. Minimal, understated branding, high-quality garments and unfussy confidence running through everything they do.

These are all qualities that could be equally applied to the relatively new Admiral Sporting Goods project. This offshoot from the famous old sportswear brand channels the mid-century design sensibilities of an era before overt branding, before colour television and its effect on football kits. It was in this era, in Wigston, Leicester, that Admiral really made its name.

Most people are aware of it as a sportswear brand that made its name in pioneering football kits from the early 1970s onwards. They changed the face of sportswear in that sense, there’s no disputing that. But in the half-century prior to that, they happily went about their business as a manufacturer of sporting apparel for various uses and a number of key customers. This was a brand focused solely on fitness for purpose and high-quality work. Back then, the concept of branding was largely in its infancy, but what we do know is in 1966, while the 10 outfield heroes who won the World Cup for England were clad in Umbro, the iconic Gordon Banks opted for an Admiral shirt.

With Scottish roots, Kenneth Mackenzie will be biting his fist at such a fact but what it does is shows Admiral as a genuine sporting pioneer.

Admiral Sporting Goods seeks to realign the brand in the image of itself pre-66. This means precise detail on every garment, made in Portugal by people who are steeped in the same manufacturing culture that existing in Wigston all those years ago.

In this collaboration exists a level of quality you’ll rarely find anywhere else. The design process has benefited from the injection of Kenneth’s great eye and experience and the result is a collection of premium basics which bear the mark of both brands.

All that is left is for me to tell you to head here to see more.

I had pizza for tea.

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