75 Years of DC Comics. The Art of Modern Mythmaking

Remember when you were a kid and you’d promise yourself that when you were a grown up you wouldn’t live like your stick in the mud parents. No way man, you’d live in a massive treehouse with a fridge full of fizzy vimto and Findus crispy pancakes and a convertible Ferrari underneath that you could jump straight into before driving off to Toy & Hobby to drop a couple of Gs on an entire battalion of action men. As part of this Utopian dream we also envisaged having a James Bond style ‘den’ with robots making milkshakes and a big table filled with bowls of malteasers and comics.

Then we grow up and become more like our parents than we ever thought we would, albeit whilst wearing more expensive jeans and taking a more liberal attitude to soft drugs. Occasionally though we’ll be reminded of the distant dream lifestyles of our youth by something that makes you instantly think ‘the ten year old me would have really loved this’. Which is exactly the thought that’s conjured up when you sit down with a copy of the humungous ’75 Years of DC Comics’ book from Taschen in your lap.  Featuring over 2,000 images of covers, original illustrations, photographs, film stills and collectibles this is the ultimate guide to world of DC comics. It’s a book with a wide breadth of appeal that stretches from Comic Con devotees to laid back lovers of Lichtenstein as well as the big kid that lives inside of us and who will likes to turns his anorak into a Super Hero cape at any available opportunity.

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