Weekly Round Up – 7/5/21

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We’re back again, busying ourselves with an update, as if any of you read this nonsense. Ok, so, some of you do. Google says so.

What have we been doing this week? Well, it’s a familiar tale, read on to acquaint yourself with the highlights.

Progress Running Club
Whenever we head out with camera in hand, doing so in an area close to our office always naturally feels a little lame, but it’s a good area full of nice spots and unlike ourselves, to outsiders it has genuine charm. That’s why the likes of Peaky Blinders and Captain America film scenes in our neck of the woods. The latest name to that illustrious list is Progress Running Club. The lockdown brainchild of respected menswear head Mark Batista, it flowed out of his involvement with lots of brands you’ve heard of and a need to keep busy during that spell last year when we were chained to the sofa. Keep an eye out on their social channels for more in the coming weeks. Special mention for mutual friend Kish Kash, who was on the team for the day. His love for Hip Hop culture is only rivalled by his eye for clothing and sneakers so we introduced him to local institution Bags of Flavor and he might still be in there now had we not dragged him out.

The Chips are down
For once, it wasn’t my fault. H asked me the leading question “You doin’ for dinner Mark?” and the consensus was we wanted something from the Chippy, it being Friday. The sensational taste experience is met head on with sheer shame on finishing this sort of thing and we’ve spent all afternoon feeling very greasy. Cholesterol chronicles indeed.

Hikerdelic newness

We put our most limited piece of outerwear yet online last night and well over half have gone already. If Purple hooded jackets are your thing, please stop reading immediately and check it out here. If you’re not in the market for things to obsess over in the outdoors, how about things for inside your gaff? Our rugs and mugs from Japan are apparently in the air as we speak, while closer to home we’ve worked with the wonderful Mr Ben on these incense burners, which are available to buy from around the middle of next week.

Phil Foden
Can you just imagine how chuffed we’ll be if a lad from our hometown stars for England in the Euros? There are no sky blue fans in our HQ despite it being the closest football stadium to us, but everyone agrees he’s absolutely mint. The fact he used to live on my street is surreal tbh. Let’s just hope he stars in a stunning City performance against Chelsea which ends with neither side winning any silverware because a freak weather storm renders the game unplayable and I dunno… the referee wins the game or something.

Hail Stones
That’s not me exalting Manchester City defensive stalwart and Barnsley’s own John Stones, it’s a reference to the weather. Tuesday saw car alarms triggered by massive balls of ice falling from the sky. Wednesday was delightful. Thursday? Car alarms again. Can we just have normal days please?

Coral Island
As someone with family on the Fylde coast, Coral Island is a mainstay of my summer sojourns. 2p slot machines are like coin-based crack. Just an enjoyable experience all round. The same can be said of the latest aural delight from Merseyside mainstays The Coral, whose new long player is just a lovely experience to enjoy on any afternoon, but especially on a Friday after another mad week. Highly recommended.

What We Do

Not blowing trumpets too much, but here’s some stuff we’ve done as Proper over the last year or two.

I had pizza for tea.

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