A-Cold-Wall* Can do Avant-garde or Keep it Simple

Prior to founding A-Cold-Wall*, Samuel Ross graduated from university, interned at Off-White and then designed key pieces with Kanye for Donda. He founded A-C-W* in 2015, and then, three years later, won a British Fashion Award for Emerging Designer, and the year after was featured in a Forbes 30 Under 30, as well as on countless other important lists and trophy spots. In short, Ross’ influence has been felt widely. 

A mind like this knows that there’s a stark difference between runway collections and ready-to-wear, so while runway might flirt with avant-garde experiments, Ross knows that ready-to-wear needs to retain the streetwear energy that the brand started with. Hence why this yellow sweater keeps it relatively simple, with a trademark embossed logo on the chest, and a simple patch on the sleeve. Those fastens on the patch, though? Silver. 

John Anthony has this and lost more A-C-W* over on their site.

A-C-W* at John Anthony.

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