A Friday Night Treat from Uskees

What’s your favourite beer? The pre-holiday airport beer? The bank holiday Sunday afternoon beer? The impromptu, bumped into someone you haven’t seen for ages ‘fancy a beer’ beer? The Friday straight after work beer must take some beating. Throw in payday and some food and I don’t think it can be matched. Maybe you don’t drink beer. Maybe you don’t drink at all. You still know what I’m talking about though, right? A Friday night treat is a special kind of reward.

It’s a concept that has provided the inspiration for the latest campaign from Uskees. The brand headed out out into Manchester’s Chinatown for a shoot awash with neon lights and Friday night delights. The latest drop includes the best selling #3001 Overshirt in 4 new colourways, Bright Blue, Bright Red, Grapefruit, and Vine Green. The ever-popular #3008 Smock also returns in two fresh colourways, Gold and Vine Green. And there’s a new kid in town, the #3011 Overshirt is a brand new product with a hidden button front fastening, available in Grapefruit and Vine Green.

Go on, treat yourself.

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