A.P.C. Made in U.S.A.

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As part of their new season’s drop French label A.P.C. have created some all American pieces that were made in the USA and feature an amazing graphic advertising the 24 hour ‘APC Diner’. Now whilst this is clearly a nod to one of the icons of America, can you imagine how cool an actual APC Diner would be? Croissants with hot-dogs in them, milkshakes laced with Cognac and beef bourguignon burgers being served around the clock, And all served by Daft Punk robots and a Vanessa Paradis look-a-like wearing the aforementioned USA made gear. It’s a wonderful image and one I think we should all get behind trying to make reality, maybe even start a franchise. Perhaps if we all buy an APC Diner hoodie or T-Shirt from Roulette clothing then they’ll realise we’re serious about doing this, get involved here.

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