A ProperMag Party – Steve Lee Mix

So you’ve either not been paying attention or you have and you’re yet to be convinced, either way, let’s reiterate.

The inaugural Proper Party, with full on top table Balearic DJs is in the area. And soon. It takes place on 26th May in a dead slick location, in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, an area so achingly hip it needs a replacement. A hip replacement. See?  In fact speaking of hip replacements, one of us is going to be 40 soon, so we’d better have a party whilst he’s still alive.

To get an idea what to expect, right click and save this link. Or click on it, that’ll probably work too. Thanks to Scott at Back and Forth for helping us share the wealth.

And once you’ve been suitably impressed,  get on the tickets here. Not many left now.




Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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