A Victorian Summer with Uskees

The Victorian era is known as one of progress and revolution, with our mustachioed forefathers throwing up factories, railways and bridges all over the shop. It wasn’t all work and no play though. The Victorians were also pioneers of the Great British seaside break, where people would pack up their mutton chops and penny farthings and head to the coast for a week-or-so in the summer months. It’s with a nod to these simpler times that Uskees have unveiled their latest campaign, ‘A Victorian Summer’. 

The seaside splendor of Llandudno provides the backdrop for a collection focused firmly on colour and fun. It marks a departure from the no nonsense utility and functionality we’ve seen from Uskees previously. It’s like going out for a pint with a co-worker who’s a proper grafter and finding out they’re actually dead funny as well. It just adds an extra element to something you already liked. 

Some pieces worthy of your attention include the ever versatile Buttoned Workshirt in a radiant powder white. This piece is 100% organic cotton and comes with a reinforced elbow area for strength and durability. The only thing you really need to worry about working on though is your 99 ice cream as you ponder going for a paddle. The Zero Waste Super Green Smock is part of an initiative by the brand to use leftover fabric with the aim of ensuring that no organic cotton goes to waste. So, green in every sense. And the quality is undoubtedly super.       

This campaign is also timely, coming as it does dripping with hopefulness and optimism. The sun is shining, the end of pandemic restrictions is (surely) in sight, and football’s coming home, isn’t it? The beautiful game – yet another thing we’ve got the Victorians to thank for.

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