*A Vontade Love Paraffin and Pockets

*A Vontade are a Japanese brand that, since 2003, have been reinterpreting Europe’s vast tradition of military wear. Designed by Kazuyuki Yamakawa, the brand knows that urban environments are as treacherous as the trenches, and therefore require similarly hardened attire. They lined this Nordic snow parka – which is actually a riff on a Swedish military jacket from the 60’s – with paraffin, which sounds like something Massimo Osti would’ve done during the 80’s. The result is a stiff jacket that warms and moulds to the shape of the body over time. In addition, the wax lining is naturally water repellent. 

Taking the military-infused workwear approach further, this 10 Pocket Fishhunt Jacket does exactly what it says on the tin. After donning this impressive pocket-saturated-piece, you’re perfectly set up for a day by the riverside. Bait, tackle, all of the other accoutrements. It isn’t excessive and it’s not just fashion; it’s efficiency. We’ve had Mortimer and Whitehouse on the blower all morning – they’re on the way. 

These two new additions, as well as a whole host of *A Vontade’s stellar attire, including sweaters, field jackets and CPO shirts, are available at Oi Polloi now.

*A Vontade at Oi Polloi.

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