Acne Studios Winter Essentials at John Anthony

Acne Studios, Stockholm’s most successful sartorial export, is extremely well versed in winter wear. Surprisingly, despite Stockholm’s northernly latitude, the city is actually considerably milder than many other Nordic cities, and considerably more sunny. Perhaps it’s this environmental uniqueness that sets Stockholm apart from the rest of Scandinavia, resulting in its reputation as a hub of art, culture and progressive creativity. It follows, then, that Acne Studios is a result of this, with attentively designed fabrics, eclectic use of material, and extreme attention to detail. 

Acne’s selection of winter essentials covers a broad range of coats, sweaters, scarves, hats and more. Some of their most exciting products, however, are their various knits. 

This patchwork sweater is crafted from Shetland wool and finished with a two-tone jacquard loom. The fabric is blocked, resulting in contrasting directions, the appearance of complex texture, all without compromising on softness. 

Scarves are versatile, with simple, single wool gingham checks, or heavier mohair, wool and alpaca blends with fringed edges

Additionally, there’s a range of hats, with playful polka dots on flecked wool. 

All of these bits are available at John Anthony, who have recently expanded their online selection of Acne, after previously only stocking it in store.  

Acne Studios at John Anthony.

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