Acne’s Rainbow Stripes are Manifestations of Sunlight

Stockholm’s Acne Studios are good at many things, but two of them are jumpers and bright colours.

While it’s generally a lot colder in Sweden than it is over here in the UK, the Swedes are blessed with swathes of sunlight that seep into the collective unconscious. There might be too much of a good thing – or, the good things find ways to permeate all the other aspects of life. That’s the reason why Acne Studios are good at colours: because their exposure to the sun lights up everything they touch. How romantic. 

This knitted bag of rainbows is crafted from pure wool with a relaxed and oversized fit, which means that you’re maximally comfortable when the sunlight beams from your face. 

Have a browse at more of Acne’s sunny wares at Pockets.

Acne Studios at Pockets.

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