Add Beams Plus to the summer equation

There’s something about Beams Plus that just works. Classic colourways married to timeless styles result in collection after collection of infinitely wearable yet distinctive garms that are just as at home on the back of a sharp gent or a young buck.

This trio of tees comes correct for your seasonal sojourn. That two weeks you’re set to spend stuffing your face with elaborate sweet treats on a Spanish Costa or some other continental bolthole could scarcely be better styled than by packing these. The first one feels like something to wear while shovelling down a banana and chocolate treat, maybe a Banoffee Pie? Do they still do them?

Next up is that irresistible liquorice flavoured ice cream that promises much and delivers more. And finally the third in this triumvirate of tasty t-shirt treats is a palette cleansing green tea hue.

While we’re talking about nice clothing, continental breaks and sweet treats it’s appropriate to point out this gear and more us available from Fresh.

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I had pizza for tea.

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