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adidas Originals Maria Falbo 4Pool Slides are what you used to have to go to Rhyl Sun Centre for but most swimming pools have them nowadays. You sit at the top and slide down. It’s mint tbh but it’s got nothing to do with flip flops, which is what these are really (my mum calls them Mules but she’s from Yorkshire and she is a woman).

Adidas Adilette have long been a go-to solution (urgh, soz) for a summer shoe situation. Flip flops that don’t make you look like you’re wearing flip flops, with a sole that won’t make you feel every pebble and cringe, all with three stripes across the front for reassurance. And they only cost about 50p (19 quid).

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The socks and slides thing, as in wearing socks with your flip flops / Adilette’s is a whole other bowl of noodles. Previously the preserve of premier league players at training, Japanese micro-futurists and swarthy Lancastrian  post-casual style guru’s,  it broke out last summer from catwalks to beer gardens. Personally I wear mine without socks but then I’ve got really great toes.

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adidas Originals Maria Falbo 2

Available at for 50p (19 quid). Get some before too many people do.



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