adidas Continental 80S

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It’s Parklife in Manchester this weekend. What that means in reality is loads of people ruining their trainers in rivers of mud while punching the air at a music artist they previously weren’t that bothered about. I sound old, don’t I?

At a glance, these stripped back adidas Continental could look like a lo-fi trainer, ideal to be worn as beaters, which I’m assured is a sneaker guy term for ‘every day wear’. You’re not arsed if they get knackered, basically. But to relegate these to such inauspicious status would be a huge error. See, for me, these aren’t basic, but beautiful.

Put them on with a lovely fawn corduroy pant, throw on that primary coloured rainwear you adore so much, then have a little wander to the park or local national trust attraction. Sack getting messy with loads of bad scallies, do something more wholesome, and do so while remaining relatively pristine.

These can be got at Oi Polloi

I had pizza for tea.

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