adidas Football Dust Storm Collection

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I don’t like dust, it makes me sneeze. Even writing this post makes me sneeze, or maybe it’s peak hayfever season I’m not sure. Or maybe I’ve got a very vivid imagination, a bit like the designers who came up with these futuristic football boots.

As a fierce traditionalist with a hint of wok-smuggler about me (think about it), these boots aren’t aimed at me. They’re aimed at the younger version of me, and that younger version of me is rather excited. You see, from a purely technological point of view, these are probably as good as it gets. Maximum flexibility, optimum mix between light weight and protection for the foot. The bottom line is, these will make you play football quite a lot better. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be getting their first outing in the Champions League final this weekend.

The Dust Storm collection comes in on-pitch, cage football and street adaptations of the ACE+ PURECONTROL as well as on-pitch and cage versions of the X17 boot.

I had pizza for tea.

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