adidas Football – New Bayern Munich home shirt

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Hands up if you’re bang into soccerball shirts? Everyone seems to be these days, but I was wearing them way before they were cool. No but seriously, I was. I was bought my first shirt in 1986, so you know… stick that in your hipster collaborations.

While they’ve become a bit more popular now, one constant which dates back to when football shirts were merely something the players wore is the relationship between adidas and Bayern Munich. There are probably other clubs who are just as synonymous with another kit manufacturer but I can’t think of them.

This one takes inspiration from a time when Bayern were really good. I mean, they’ve almost always been really good, but this was when they were really, really good. The video tells the tale better than I can, anyway. And the photos seem to feature Thomas Müller wearing a specially prepared Thomas Müller mask, which is good.

I had pizza for tea.

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