adidas launches CT86 and Torino

adidas is modernising two of its 80’s classics this July. 

Back in 1981, the original adidas Torino was released, cementing the place of deep and expansive blue in adidas’ repertoire. The shoe is relaunching 40 years later with metallic silver detailing, a semi-translucent outsole, and the same classic suede. 

The less well-known but equally gorgeous CT86 was launched as a squash trainer in the mid-80’s. They were designed for excellence on the court; now, they’re designed for excellence on the street, with the same enthusiasm as a squash player, and all of the 80’s charm.

Shop Torino and CT86 when they’re released on July 10th at Oi Polloi.

Shop adidas at Oi Polloi.

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