adidas Originals Bermuda in blue

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Wit-woo, get a load of these! You don’t have to be Elvis Presley to be overprotective about these blue suede shoes. That was a small joke about a song he did. Ask your Dad. In fact, probably your Grandad. Anyway, yeah, you don’t really need jokes or indeed too many more words to tell you about these do you? They’re exactly the type of authentic reissues everyone was fighting for in the great trainer wars of 2002-2004, the scarred landscape of eBay will attest to that. Some of those lads didn’t know when they were beaten, but they sacrificed so that we don’t have to and the trainer-buying civilisation is better for it.
Hip are here to make sure there are no fisticuffs. Well unless someone steps on these blue suede shoes.

Anyone got any more opium, btw M8?

I had pizza for tea.

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