adidas Originals Forest Grove

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Forest what? Forest Grove? Isn’t that a DLR station? No? Oh right, it’s trainers is it? Footwear, sports footwear. I’m 40 in about 5 weeks (not that I’m counting) and as a result I’m morphing into your Dad. It’s good though isn’t it? Being old is just being experienced. 40 is the new 30. I remember my Mum’s surprise 40th. I chased a short man called Don out of the house and into his taxi because he was leering at my Mrs. Repeatedly. They really were marvellous times.

Where was I anyway? Yeah, these Forest Grove. They have an air of the type of thing we were desperately seeking in about 2002, during the great trainer depression, yet they’re totally relevant today too, with your boosts and your NMDs stealing the show. These represent something that bit more understated, a strong, solid, reliable trainer.

As I approach the Grey Hair Years and the ensuing midlife crisis, I’ve taken to hitting the gym more than once a month. I don’t know what’s got into me. I’m sure I could get my running gait tested and wear some garish technical running shoes, but for now I’m not ready to go full on running Dad just yet, and these might find their way to the weights room at a Pure Gym near you soon. I’ll be the one cracking Dad jokes around the word “Dumb bells” and puns around the word “weights/waits”. It comes to us all and we should embrace it.

Age is just a number and looking at these timeless trainers only reinforces that.

Get them from Scotts Menswear if you know what’s good for you.

I had pizza for tea.

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