adidas Originals Gazelle

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Like an old friend who you still sometimes see moaning on facebook, the adidas Gazelle is a footwear stalwart which we’ve come to take for granted somewhat. With its popularity peaking in the 90s via the terraces and Britpop, this iconic shoe has taken a backseat for most of the last decade, elbowed out of the way by various other models.

Now though, the time has come for the Gazelle to take centre stage, and rather than rush out loads of half-arsed reissues, these latest releases are more considered. Nodding knowingly towards the roots which this classic shoe first put down, yet referencing its ability to cross into a number of subcultures, these photos were orchestrated by friend of Proper, David Hellqvist. He enlisted the help of various movers and shakers to help ‘contextualise’ (yep) the shoe for 2016. Creatives, skaters and musicians all feature.

A minimal design, timeless yet somehow contemporary once again, the Gazelle is back, and unlike that old friend on social media, it looks like its as cool and good looking as it always was.

16_06_14_GAZELLE4663-V1 16_06_14_GAZELLE4670-V2 16_06_14_GAZELLE4946-V1 16_06_14_GAZELLE5129-V1 16_06_14_GAZELLE5198-V1 16_06_14_GAZELLE5316-V1 16_06_14_GAZELLE5356-V1 16_06_14_GAZELLE5418-V1 16_06_14_GAZELLE5543-V1 16_06_14_GAZELLE5662-V1 16_06_14_GAZELLE5677-V1 16_06_14_GAZELLE6072-V1 16_06_14_GAZELLE6086-V1 16_06_14_GAZELLE6159-V1

I had pizza for tea.

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