adidas Originals Jeans Suede Green/Orange


Look everyone, go on, look! It’s only another great pair of adidas. Not only are they killing it with the NMDs and those trainers named after a chocolate bar (Yes, I’m talking about Boost), their reissue game remains strong. This latest version of adidas Jeans comes in a colourway House of Pain might favour. They’re like something an Irish football fan would wear while jumping into a French canal in the name of banter. They’re the ideal antidote to all this Brexit nonsense.

Above all else though, they’re a future classic which is why you should get two pairs. One for now, one to sell in a few years when we’ve been cast adrift from the mainland we’re all living off spam and malted milk biscuits.

I think maybe those mushrooms I had for dinner were a bit off.

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adidas-originals-jeans-suede-trainers-green-orange-p109761-68635_image adidas-originals-jeans-suede-trainers-green-orange-p109761-68636_image adidas-originals-jeans-suede-trainers-green-orange-p109761-68637_image

I had pizza for tea.

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