adidas Originals Ultra Tech

Being the current authority on acid house appropriate footwear I can heartily recommend this pair of trace pink/crystal white Ultra techs alongside the latest adidas Spezial collection (obvs). This style of shoe in this colour way instantly takes me to the early 90s. It was a marvellous time to be alive, a time of all night raves held in sports centres in strange northern towns, 24 hour parties held high up in anonymous inner city flats as well as mid-week jaunts to the city centre to sign on, get a copy of the Face and see who was hanging out at Eastern Bloc records. Though putting all my quality nostalgia to one side and even if you didn’t get to spend quality time sitting next to Sasha in Dry Bar in 1991 this is still an outstanding trainer by anyone’s standards, even Graeme Park’s. So if you’re after something 100% current zeitgeist or a blast from the pink tinted past or just an exemplary pair of OG runners then these are the kicks for you.

Buy a pair of adidas Originals Ultra Tech from Wellgosh here.



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