adidas Powerphase at Oi Polloi

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The adidas Powerphase will always raise a wry smile to my lips as the word instantly takes me back to an adidas ‘event’ I once attended in Manchester to which I wore a pair of vintage adidas Powerphase.I’d not been there long when a footwear buyer from a very large, high street footwear store came over to me, pointed at my shoes and said ‘hey man, love the Reeboks!’. Now maybe I’m being a bit unfair as they do share more than a passing resemblance to Reebok Workouts but regardless it really tickled me and the editor of a very cool football magazine with whom I shared a knowing grin. Thanks to Oi Polloi the days of my elitist condescending sniggering at trainer events appear to be numbered as the adidas Powerphase has been re-issued and the Mancunian menswear superstore are stocking them, right here.


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