adidas Skateboarding Samba ADV


Wait, what?

A trainer which made its name as a timeless football shoe is now being nicked by the skating fraternity? Is this what those who fell in the great eBay etiquette wars died for? Your Dad will be fuming. And yet it’s hardly something new is it? Umbro have gone all streetwear, Palace, Stussy and Supreme have long shown an appreciation for football culture and the associated ephemera, so why can’t adidas Skateboarding delve into the archives and appropriate something not meant for them? All these bedspread casuals think it’s about one uniform look which they can get their bird to photograph as they stand by a suburban fireplace. It’s not. It wasn’t, anyway. It was about doing people’s heads in by taking something made for a different consumer and making it work in a different way. Like this, then.

These are out on 1st January anyway.




Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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