adidas SPEZIAL SS18

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My missus hates adidas SPEZIAL, not because she thinks it’s shit or doesn’t understand it, but because we have to live on Aldi’s own noodles for the proceeding months after – but at least I look the bollocks eating them.

Back for SS18 and it’s the same story again thanks to Gary Aspden and co. Now into its fourth year, adidas SPEZIAL bring a bold, heritage-inspired collection that evokes the spirit of the second Summer of Love.

Shot on location in Ibiza, and drawing inspiration from the pioneers of electronic music that kick-started the UK rave scene, the collection along with the accompanying lookbook and film (ABOVE), acts as a natural successor to the journey of discover told through previous SPEZIAL collections.

Incorporating pastel shades and detailed embroidery to existing and new adidas silhouettes and garments, and utilising the mod SPEZIAL logo alongside the traditional, iconic trefoil, the collection continues to blend the brand’s rich sporting heritage with pop culture references, British subculture and a fresh, contemporary outlook. Bold graphics make a return to the SPEZIAL collection, featuring on a selection of t-shirts a sweatshirt and an all-important beach towel, and sought-after adidas footwear silhouettes are rejuvenated for a modern audience.

The collection will be launching in two drops, both online and in-store; first drop will be on March 9th and the second on March 23rd. Make sure you look mint this year and cop the lot from the Le Fix webstore and various other outlets.

Absolutely well into house plants.

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