adidas Superstar Pure – City Series Pack

Star by name, star by nature, adidas’ celestial Superstar sneaker shoots to the top once again in the brand’s latest City Series offering, available now at independent retailer Aphrodite. Calling on the globe’s major cityscapes, this updated iteration of the shoe alternates to hail the vibrant ambience of Tokyo and Shanghai, the sprawling concrete jungles of Paris and London and the USA’s contrasting coastlines.   

Turning the page on its next cultural chapter, having previously conquered the court, the hip-hop realm and streets stretching far and wide, this new kid on the block goes by the name of the adidas ‘Superstar Pure’. Doing its wholesome moniker proud, the sneaker embodies a more refined output, choosing to replace those signature 3-Stripes with perforated accents instead. Further fresh elements are unveiled throughout too, including smooth Italian leather in the upper, city-specific credentials and a textural tongue. 

While new elements rise to the surface, chunks of the Superstar’s wisdom remain, as showcased by the legendary shell-toe shaping and contrast heel. Theatrical colourways in contrast setups set the agenda for this stellar silhouette, married alongside its storied history. 

Get yours now at Aphrodite.

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