All About the adidas Adventure Superturf 

While the adidas Superstar tends to monopolise conversations on the adidas Super range, the Superturf is a highly slept on and underrated silhouette. 

Most people heard of the adidas Superturf thanks to Sean Wotherspoon’s multiple versions: one, served up in collaboration with atmos, and the other in collab with Disney. Despite commercial success, the latter didn’t exactly go down well in the community, which isn’t a surprise, considering the inspid and unshakeable assimilation of Disney into the streetwear scene. One Hypebeast commenter wrote about The Adventures of Pinocchio influenced shoe: “This vegan crackhead really needs to be stopped,” but to be fair, underneath all the garish additions and colours, there’s a humble and hardworking shoe. 

That shoe, and the silhouette the Superturf itself is based on, is the adidas Hoverturf. When the adidas Response Hoverturf GF6100LC Gardening Club released in 2019, it was one of adidas’ most original releases to date, and demonstrated not just originality in design, but in utility. Sadly, the Gardening Club pack will fetch a pretty penny on Stock X – if you can find them – but thanks to their popularity, adidas released the Adventure Superturf, which builds heavily on the Hoverturf’s strengths.

The Adventure Superturf looks a bit like the old 90s and early 2000s ACG releases, with a grey-brown palette that’s lit up by pops of red and yellow. There’s also multiple layers of mesh and suede and a zip tongue on top of a very hardy rubber outsole. It’s one of adidas’ best recent releases, and the last few pairs are on sale at Aphrodite.

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