adidas Tobacco Rivea

A famous local once proclaimed that Manchester had everything except a beach. Let’s think about it for a moment. Everything? Absolutely everything? Debatable, but still, how good would it be if Manchester did have an actual beach? Loads of sand dumped next to the ship canal and a machine installed to create a tide on which Salford surfers could ride.

I’m at home today with man flu and I’m slightly delirious. Can you tell? Anyway, if Manchester did have a beach, the only thing to wear would be these new/old classic trainers from adidas. The rivea takes its name from a slightly differently named shoe. You don’t need me to get into the etymology. All I can say is finally adidas are re-releasing trainers that the purists wanted, and the construction, colours, suede and other components are all considered enough to work.

I’m going to have another nap now. No doubt I’ll dream of bikini-clad women serving Greggs pasties from a beach kiosk. Dream or nightmare… I’ll tell you later.

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I had pizza for tea.

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