adidas Trimm Trab at Hanon

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Culturally we’ve a lot to thank Liverpool for but for now lets just focus on trainers, specifically the adidas Trimm Trab. A firm favourite between both Liverpool and Everton fans since back in the day that led to a lot of Liverpudlians using the generic term trabs for trainers to this day. This solid sportswear bond has inspired adidas to do a re-release using each of the clubs instantly recognisable colours. Made from premium nubuck they also have “53⁰ 26’ 07.5”N 2⁰ 57’39.1”W embossed into the collar lining of each shoe which are the coordinates for the centre of Stanley Park in the heart of Liverpool.

Buy a pair of adidas Trimm Trab from Hanon here.


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