adidas x Pharrell Williams Solar HU Proud Sneaker Grey

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What was that ad campaign ages ago… “Once you pop, you can’t stop!”? Was it Push Pops? Pop Tarts? I forget.

Anyway, I’m changing it due to a mini-deluge of footwear into my offices/house this last couple of weeks. Once you COP, you can’t stop. Because that’s what the kids call buying new footwear apparently. And I’m down with them, the kids. Be a good name for a book on trainer culture in the UK actually. Cops and Robbers. Talk about the modern day then take it back to people stealing them from Swiss sports shops. No? Ok, sorry. It’s warm. My creative gland has dried out.

Onto these. Pharrell’s work with adidas has been hit and miss for me, mainly because it’s not quite aimed at me. But these trainers however, well I’d wear them to death. There’s something about them that makes me think of climbing mountains in the future on a hoverboard or something. You know what I’m saying don’t you?

Maybe these will be next through the door. Perhaps I’ll Get Lucky and Cop them.

You can get some at Roulette, Jersey’s foremost emporium of all things good.

I had pizza for tea.

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