adidas x size? Trimm Star SS18

In 1985, the Trimm Star became the boss of adidas trainers. It featured the famous ‘Ghilly Lacing System’ – a lacing system that become synonymous with a number of silhouettes years later – and premium materials throughout. The result: a shoe walking at the forefront of a footwear revolution.

Like they did back in 2013, adidas and size? have again teamed up to bring them back for SS18. Using materials and technique true to the original, 2018’s Trim Starr is a fitting tribute to its former self.

An original member of adidas’ 1970’s ‘German Sports Confederation’ endorsed fitness range called ‘Trimm Dich Durch Sport’, the Trimm Star was a part of a fitness campaign aimed to enable people to get fit through sport (mad). The accompanying fitness range included two ‘Trimm’ models, the ‘Trimm Master’ and the ‘Trimm Star’.

The latter was the most premium shoe in the collection and an allround model for sports, training, leisure and going to the shop in.

Diving back into the adidas archives last week, the below is the original press release announcing the launch of the “Trimm Dich durch Sport” campaign in 1970:

The most outstanding features are the comfortable fit, low weight, the skid resistance of the bottom plate, snap closure, the orthopaedic joint support and the heel padding, which ”holds the foot without pressure. Both Trimm models are ideal for people who are back to sports after a long break or at an advanced age

It has been a number of years since the re-release of the model and the materials and details used are true to the quality of the original model. SS18 includes the signature adidas metallic gold box logo on side.

Launching on January 26th, 2018 we have the OG colourway in the Dark Brown/Red and the Ink/Slime version launching on February 23rd, 2018. The shoe is priced at £80 RRP available in UK sizes 6-12 through size? stores and online.

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Absolutely well into house plants.

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