adidas x White Mountaineering Terrex Fast GTX

Did your street/town/city come to a standstill this morning due to the appearance of all that cold white stuff? Yeah me too. The kids’ school is closed, the missus is in bed with flu and so I’m working from home today. That doesn’t stop me from trying to get everyone else mobile though and in my expert opinion footwear is the key. So check out these adidas x White Mountaineering Terrex fast gore-tex boots, designed by Yosuke Aizawa. These bungee laced and continental rubber outsoled beauties are perfect for retaining a strong sense of minimalist Japanese style without going arse over tit on some black ice. And whilst they might look like they belong on an exclusive ski resort these monochromatic masterpieces will also see you right during the spring and summer when (hopefully) it’s a bit easier to get out of the house and go for a hike.

Buy a pair of adidas x White Mountaineering Terrex Fast GTX from Wellgosh here.




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