Admiral Sporting Goods Co. SS21 Sale

Back when sport was a simple pursuit the idea of a sportswear brand wasn’t really thought of. Sports equipment was focused on the manufacturing and the ingenuity of it all. Brand logos were in their infancy and the priority was problem-solving rather than being trendy.

Although many know Admiral for pretty much starting a revolution in football kit culture, prior to this they very much fell into the old school camp. Making reliable clothing for the military and educational establishments, they were one of many companies that simply manufactured gear with little interest in growing a brand.

Admiral remained a manufacturing mainstay in their native Leicestershire for many decades before Don Revie and Co became a forerunner for the influences we know today. When a brand has been around for more than a century it has plenty of stories to tell, and while the football angle is an established one for Admiral, what went before is only just beginning to be retold.

Admiral Sporting Goods Co. channels that age of sportswear innocence, where strong basics in natural fabrics were the order of the day. It’s that post-war period which we often look back to for inspiration in design, whether that be in architecture, furniture, or clothing.

Like many brands, they’re anticipating the next chapter of their story and so to close the door on the most recent, a little sale stimulation is required. 

Some excellently made, comfortable, and cool basics are available, and having seen it up close we reckon you’ll love it. Even more so if it’s in the sale.

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