Adsum are back with more Fall finery

Occasionally we discuss doing some sort of league table of brands, with points awarded for various elements of what we think makes clothing really good. While we’ll never actually do this because we’re not that weird, you can be sure if we did, Adsum would be perennial challengers at the top of said ladder.

Every season they stick rigidly to the confident sporty heritage concoction which helped them carve out a name for themselves six short years ago, and yet despite that trusty quality, they always manage to bring something new to the party.

If they weren’t so nice we’d actually be really envious and bitchy about them. (We wouldn’t really).

Corduroy and sweatpants will never not be a look we’re fond of, while their tasteful, seasonal layering is more on point than a ballerina stretching out atop the Eiffel Tower. That’s how on point it is.

You’re thinking about that ballerina now aren’t you? Stop it. Look at these images of Adsum Fall ’21, available now at their website, here.

See the full load here

I had pizza for tea.

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