Adsum Back in at Oi Polloi

We’ve been writing about Adsum and celebrating them as a firm favourite for a few years now. We were absolutely won over, in fact, when Pete Macnee, Adsum’s founder, declared that dog walking was his favourite sport. It’s that sort of nonchalant audacity that Adsum is known for. The clothes are simple and well thought through and they’re affirmed with a very New York confidence – or, more Brooklyn-esque confidence, as that’s Macnee’s local neighbourhood. 

Adsum just does things well. Take their crewnecks as an example: hardy Canadian cotton, fleeceback jersey, stout and sumptuous; shirts are significantly packed with splendor; sweat pants subtly slouch. Fits are classy and filled with a laid back New York attitude, happy to cut through to crowds, but far from shy and seconds away from shouting “I’m walking here!” at the top of their lungs.

Oi Polloi has just upped their Adsum stock, and it’s more than worth a browse and a purchase. 

Adsum at Oi Polloi.

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