Adsum is Technically Classy

Adsum is a New York-based brand with a Latin name that has been stocked at Manchester-based Oi Polloi for some time now. The name, in Latin, is equivalent to the “Here!” you’d shout out in school during registration. It’s an affirmative and confident name for a brand. 

Founder of Adsum, Peter Macnee, worked for a few big brands in New York, then Billionaire Boys Club for a bit, and, New York being New York, studied a “couple seasons of graphic design” under Mark McNairy, creative director for Woolrich. The two went to Japan, where McNairy is basically famous (the respect that Japan has for Woolrich is immeasurable), and Macnee’s ambition spiralled from there.

Adsum’s clothes are classy with subtle, technical details. Take these super relaxed-fitting slacks, for example. The twill and design are screaming slacks, but when you get down to the nitty gritty, the baggy fit and elasticated drawband scream trackie bottoms – the best of both worlds. 

In short: we’re adsum for it. (sorry).

Oi Pollo just expanded their range of Adsum bits, so head to the site to check out more. 

Adsum at Oi Polloi

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